Climate-friendly and sustainable

We at Gerwing have been paying close attention to sustainable production methods and the environmental compatibility of our products for several decades. This principle is based on three decisive factors: Short paths, climate-friendly technology and recyclable end products. Also new at Gerwing is the ecological transport protection.

Short paths
Our contribution to environmental protection and reducing CO2 starts with the procurement of the raw materials. All Gerwing plants are located directly adjacent or at a maximum distance of 20 km to the raw materials. We not only produce ´Made in Germany’, we also produce ´Made just around the corner’ and avoid unnecessary transport routes along the entire process chain.
The transport weights are of course decisive. This is particularly apparent in the Gerwing ceramic products that are currently popular among architects and design-oriented private customers: Instead of importing four centimetre thick full ceramic tiles from workshops across the world as in the past, Gerwing combines the lightweight one cm thick ceramic face side with locally produced sub-concrete. Our beautiful GerloKeramik products are therefore not transported halfway across the globe before they upgrade a German or European garden.

Resource-saving equipment
We work continuously on improving our production facilities so that the consumption of power and water, and emissions levels can be kept as low as possible. Our goal is also to achieve maximum energy efficiency - starting with apparently small details like economic LED lights through to the continuous further development and optimisation of our production plant. 

Recyclable end products
Gerwing concrete products are made of natural materials, namely water, sand and gravel that are mixed with cement and colour pigments. All Gerwing stones are therefore completely recyclable! And, if they do need to be replaced at some point, they do not just end up at the dump: They are shredded and serve as an environmentally-compatible sub-structure for new paved surfaces.

Ecological transport protection
Before our high-quality stones and garden slabs arrive at your home, they are packaged in our factories and packed on pallets. In order to ensure that the products are not damaged during this and the subsequent transport, plastic grit has always been inserted between the layers to keep the surfaces and edges free of contact. From mid-2020, we will only use certified ECO SPACER® granules made of completely biodegradable material as layer protection and scratch protection. The composition allows degradation by rotting in nature as well as residue-free industrial composting. We are proud that, in addition to our production from natural raw materials, we are now also leading the way in logistics towards a sustainable future.


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