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Products with surface treatmement

Surface-treated paving stones and patio tiles

Anyone looking to keep their drive and patio pristine will have to stop using them. The reason for this is easily explained: Every surface that can absorb fluids becomes so dirty eventually that the soiling cannot be removed. This process is exacerbated by moss, algae and the UV light of the sun.

We protect almost all types of paving stones in our product range against these negative influences by means of a special deep penetration agent. Also, we supply paving stones and patio tiles with ‘ex-work surface treatment’ that wards off ageing effects and soiling even more effectively:

Products with surface treatment - what does this actually mean?

First, the concrete core is made water-repellent from the inside out. The underneath of the dyed face concrete is then coated with a barrier layer and its top side is given an extremely durable coating.

Damp paving stones and patio tiles become soiled the most quickly. Thanks to our surface treatment, less moisture can penetrate the surface of the stone and therefore less ambient dirt can penetrate the surface.

Because dirt does not enter the stone and usually remains on the surface, it an be wiped off with warm soapy water. Stains can be removed by timely wiping.

Permanently beautiful surfaces
Surface treated Gerwing products can be cleaned without the use of high-pressure units that are damaging for all stone surfaces. The aggressive nature of the high-pressure appliances means that they remove the fine grain from the stones and make them dull.

Colour resistance
Our solvent-free surface treatment ensures that the permanent UV radiation of the sun and rainwater have less impact on the colours, so that your paving stones look bright and intensive or a longer time.

Smooth surfaces that make walking and use of wheels easy
Regardless of whether you are wearing shoes with heels or if you go barefoot, the Gerwing tiles and stones will make you feel like you are walking on velvet and silk. Just try it out! Thanks to the fact that there a fewer joints, the products are also ideal for wheeled objects, such as go-carts, walking frames, inline skates etc.

Stability and frost resistance
All our paving stones are at least car-accessible. Our products also withstand frost.

Solvent-free coating
The fluids used are solvent-free and can therefore be used in conservatories or on areas where children play. In contrast to the coating of our GerLux and GerloSolaire series, the factory surface treatment appears more matt and less reflective.


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