»Cleaning and care«
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»Cleaning and care«
for garden slabs and GerloCastell broken stone
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To ensure that the appearance and beauty of your Gerwing premium products are not impaired, you should clean the paving stones, garden slabs and garden stones from time to time.

We offer a wide range of cleaning and care products that have all been optimised for our products.

Just ask your building materials supplier for the right agent for your specific application case.


Gerwing algae remover, 1:10 super concentrate, 1000 ml

+ deep-penetrating fluid concentrate for

   easy removal of slippery green algae

+ self-activating

+ protects against the creation of new algae

+ also ideal for wood and plastic

+ is sufficient for approx. 100 - 200 m² depending on the level of dirt and absorbing capacity of the surface

+ Note: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Gerwing bio-outdoor cleaner, concentrate, 1000 ml

deep-penetrating bio-product based on a natural fatty acid

+ not dangerous for bees and pets

+ ideal for pathways, patios, yards, paved and wooden surfaces

+ is effective within a very short time

Protects against re-soiling

+ is sufficient for approx. 50 - 100 m² depending on the level of dirt and absorbing capacity of the surface

+ Attention! Unintentionally sprayed weeds, grasses, mosses or wild plants are destroyed. Woody plant parts are not damaged, so that an application under trees and shrubs is possible. This product is not an approved plant protection product. According to the Plant Protection Act, targeted use against weeds is not permitted!


Gerwing powerful cleaner, 1000 ml

+ extra strong self-activating, effective professional concentrate

+ eliminates self-acting stubborn mineral encrustation

+ ideal for preventing blooming, lime, rust and mortar residues

+ also suitable for clinker bricks, tiles, artificial and natural stone


Gerwing gentle cleaner for patio tiles, 1000 ml

+ free of acids, chlorine and abrasive agents

+ extra strong cross-linking effect

+ specially designed for surface-hardened, coated or impregnated stone surfaces

+ is sufficient for approx. 200 m² depending on the level of dirt and absorbing capacity of the surface


Gerwing stain stopping agent for stones, 1000 ml 

+ environmentally-neutral solvent-free professional impregnation

+ repels oil, grease and dirt and therefore maintains the value

+ invisible and breathable

+ for all absorbent stone surfaces

+ is sufficient for approx. 6 - 20 m² depending on the level of absorbing capacity of the surface

The best thing that could happen to your garden.

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